How to Turn Off or Disable Notifications in Google Plus

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Like facebook and twitter, Google Plus is also a social network where we can meet millions of people and share our ideas and feelings with them. Google+ has an advanced system of notification system than facebook. Although I haven’t used Google+ so often but still the little time with it proved that it has advanced features than other networks. It is true as Google itself is the most highly used and easy browser of all. It is necessary that you should have filtered your notifications because otherwise will exhaust you.

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To turn off or disable the notifications in Google+ you have to follow the following steps.

You can customize the notifications in this way:

  • First sign in your account, then click on the name at the right top corner, choose account setting.
  • The windows itself shows a number of options to turn off the notifications. You have to just deselect the notifications to not receive the notifications in future.

Sometimes when you comment on a specific post you see a number of notifications of the notification bar. To stop this, click on the notification drop down menu and select the post that you want to stop. The window contains a link “Mute This Post” click on that.

That is all you have to do to disable the notifications in your window. After this, you will not receive any notification when the post gets a new comment. By doing this you can customize your account so that you will be free of such bulk of notifications. It will also help you to save your precious time from such unneeded notifications.

Sine my experience with Google plus is not as much as I have with Facebook but still Google plus’s advanced features and easy system of customization is easy for me to handle my account from any trouble.

This is a great work by the Google team for the service of common man without any cost.

There is still an alternate to control the individual post in your window. To do this you have to do the following easy and short steps:

An arrow appears at the right side of the notification. Click on that arrow.

Now to get rid of the post click on the option “Block this Post, The post will be muted and you will not receive any message in future from that post.

That all you have to do with your notification system. This is really helpful and easy way to manage your profile and window in the Google+ service. There can be still many other ways to customize the windows in Google+ but in my knowledge and experience, I have used this steps.

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