Top 5 Hidden Facebook Features You Must Try

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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites presently.

However, the founders have set the age limit of minimum 18 years to use Facebook but numerous underage kids are also using it by adding their fake date of birth. Anyways what I am going to discuss here today is the hidden Facebook features which can be treated as some Facebook tricks.


Forward Message on Facebook:

Forwarding a message is a very good feature and now you can use it on FB also. You can now share your messages with more of your friends just by forwarding it. No need to copy-paste it anymore. It Is very simple, just open the message you want to forward and click ‘Action’ on the top right, you will get a drop-down menu. Then click ‘Forward’.

How to Manage Contact List:

Whenever you add a friend to your Facebook profile you get a prompt of ‘add to list’. Do you what is this and how to use it? Basically, Facebook provides you a few lists to categorize your friends. The best part is that you can create your own list as well.

I don’t know you are aware of this or not but you can personalize your settings with these contact lists. You can decide which of your posts, pictures or status updates can be seen by which of your friends. You can also create your custom list to add contacts from your school, family or locality separately.

The View You Profile as Others:

Have you ever thought what your profile look like when others view it? This feature will let you view your own profile same as others do. All you need to do is to go on your profile page and just below your cover photo you will see a tab ‘Activity Log’.  Click on the dropdown and you will see ‘View As’.

How to use Join You College Group on Facebook:

Not much people know but at the time of its inception, Facebook was designed specifically for the college students and one needed an EDU mail address to create an id in FB. Afterward, FB became public but now the feature is back. You can now join your specific college or school groups by searching it in ‘Groups OF Schools’.
Just enter your EDU mail and you will be directed to your college or school group.

How to Control the Post You are Tagged in:

I have faced the situation many times when my friends tag me in some horrendous pictures and my family also comes to know about it. But now when I know the fantastic feature of Facebook I can control the post I am tagged it.
Just go to the privacy settings and click on ‘Edit Settings’ in front of ‘Timeline and Tagging’.

So, if you haven’t yet used these hidden Facebook features, try them. You will surely be a bigger fan of Facebook.

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